Wholesale Laboratory Biological Microscope

Discription for laboratory biological microscope:

  •  Excellent image quality with infinite optical system
  • Comfortable operating with ergonomic design
  • Better illumination with sliding-in centerable condenser, convenient replacement with phase contrast and dark fiel condenser

Details about Wholesale Laboratory Biological Microscope

YCM2000 series biological microscopes are equipped with high-quality infinite plan achromatic objectives and large field eyepieces, wide field of vision and clear image quality.

Ideal design to meet ergonomic requirements, the product uses low-level focus handwheel, Inward objective lens converter and built-in portable design, make the whole operation process more convenient and comfortable, higher space utilization and safer handling.

It is widely used in biological, medical, forensic, industrial, agricultural and other fields, medical, biological engineering, public security, teaching and scientific research units such as the ideal instrument.

Optical SystemInfinite Optical System
Viewing HeadSeidentopf binocular viewing head, inclined at 30°,360°rotatable, interpupillary   48-75mm
Seidentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°,360°rotatable, interpupillary 48-75mm
ObjectiveInfinite plan achromatic objective 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
Infinite plan achromatic objective 20X, 60X
NosepieceBackward quadruple nosepiece
Backward quintuple nosepiece
Focusing systemCoaxial coarse and fine adjustment, fine division 0.002mm, coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation, fine stroke 0.2mm per   rotation, moving range 22mm
StageRectangular 230X150mm, cross travel 78X54mm, using low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob
CondenserAbbe condenser NA1.25 with aperture diaphragm
Illumination12V/20W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable
S-LED Illumination, brightness adjustable
OptionalPhoto attachment, video attachment, polarization set, kohler illumination, phase contrast kit

Note: √ Standard Outfit, ○ Optional

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