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YC-M0650 The video microscope can simplify the detection process through only one system, and the rich configuration can flexibly meet various detection needs with confidence and reliability


Details about Video Microscope System China Factory

Simplify your inspection process

Complex visual inspection tasks can be completed without a computer – the integrated OSD (screen menu adjustment) display function provides intuitive inspection tools in independent operation mode. You do not need to use different workstations for special work steps.

Direct measurement during visual inspection without computer

> In the independent operation mode, multiple areas of the sample are measured in the real-time image

> Measuring tools include commonly used parallel lines, angles, radians, circles, polygons, etc

> The measurement results can be taken and saved together with the image, or the report can be exported and the photos can be attached

> High precision measurement results, repetition accuracy 3um

With one click, you can immediately compare with the reference figure Real time images can be compared with reference images or custom images to check whether the parts are within tolerance and make decisions easier

Labeling on images without a computer

> Use the integrated OSD display function to add comments directly on the image

> Easily add notes and conclusions, text or graphic elements to the image, and mark the characteristics and areas of interest of the sample

Flexible configuration to meet your testing needs

Suitable for your different detection tasks

YC-M0650 Using modular design and a large number of different accessories, YC-M0650 can be customized according to the requirements of multiple samples, and can be easily adjusted according to the different needs of various specific applications.

Excellent imaging quality

Bring you the experience of visual feast

YC-M0650 Video microscope with Sony 1 / 2 large target sensor, HDMI ultra-high definition output and high-resolution zoom lens bring you visual feast after visual feast during operation.

Real color, fine details

> Sony photosensitive chip is used to show you the most real sample color

> 1 / 2 target surface, better photosensitivity and lower noise

> 1: 8.3 large zoom lens not only brings you a larger viewing field, but also better contrast

> 60fps image output, bringing you no lag observation experience

Integrated fuselage design

Bring you higher work efficiency

YC-M0650 The design of video microscope is firm and reliable, with low wear and maintenance workload, so the working time is prolonged.

The rugged housing can protect the internal optical and mechanical components from the impact of the industrial environment.


> One switch and one power supply can work when powered on, which solves the harness problem that has plagued you for a long time

> It comes with 11.6- inch IPS HD display to save space

> Check in a comfortable position to reduce muscle strain

YC-M0650 The video microscope uses coding design to integrate the lens and CCD, and the magnification is displayed in real time without you calculating complex formulas



CCD Mirror tube

Object Lens0.6-5.0x
Magnification Rate9.6-80.3x(standard 11.6-inch display
Double-to-multiplication ratio1:8.3
Working Distance90mm
CCDImage Sensor1/2
Frame Rate60fps
Image OutputHDMI
Fixed FrameBase Size320*260*20mm
Stand Height330mm
Lighting systemFalling Ring Light Source
Software functionBrightness adjustment, saturation adjustment, RGB adjustment, WB one-key white balance, one-key automatic exposure, HDR wide dynamic, SE image optimization, image freezing, photographing, measurement, graph comparison, crosshairs, XY axis custom wiring harness, Picture echo, automatic edge finding, left and right mirror image, color, black and white conversion, LED light source software control
Monitor11.6 inches
OptionalObject lens0.5x, 0.6x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x
APO lens2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X
LightLED transmitted illumination
Mobile PlatformXY axis movement, table top: 230*180mm

Stroke: 170*120mm



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