Surgical Microscope Wholesaler YC20P5

Details about Surgical Microscope Wholesaler YC20P5

Product Features

◆The lenses adopt multi-layer coating technology to enhance the transmittance and prevent the occurrence of mildew.
◆ foot-controlled focusing, three-stage zoom, good depth of field and binocular fusion, which can meet the needs of cataract surgery.
◆Adopting the technology of compound achromatic aberration, so that the light of different wavelengths is close to the focus point behind the lens and the operator’s field of vision is clearer.
◆The weight of the whole machine is only 41KG, the whole machine is light and small, especially suitable for mobile medical treatment.
◆It can be equipped with optional tabletop parts, and the whole machine is more lightweight; it can also be specially customized according to different surgical needs to meet the needs of various surgeries such as ophthalmology and ophthalmology.
◆The F250/F300/F400 objective lens is optional.

Eyepiece Magnification12.5X
Objective Lensf=200mm
Working Distance190mm
Magnifications for Main Microscope5.3X、8X、12X
Diameter of FieldΦ37mm、Φ25m、Φ16.7mm
Adjustable Diopter±6D
Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance50mm~80mm
Focusing Range for Assistant Microscope≥30mm
Illumination Source12V/100W medical cold reflection halogen lamp
Illumination Type6°+0°Coaxial cold light source illumination
Coaxial Illumination≥30000lx
Reaching Radius of Arm870mm
Adjustable Vertical Range700mm ~ 1100mm
Fine focus range30mm
Speed for X/Y and Range≤2mm/s,50mm×50mm
Power supplyAC110V±220V±10%   50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption120VA
FuseT1.25AL  250V

T2.5AL 125V

Packing Volume0.2m³  1 cartons
Total Grows Weight41kg

10X Eyepiece.

Table installation parts(holding stand,. split column)

Video devices(1/2″ or 1/4″ CCD camera, CCD adapter, Beam Splitter and Conneting Cable).

Straight Binocular, Universal Joint(for ENT).

Magnifications and field for optional objective lens.

Big Objective LensTotal MagnificationsDiameter of Field(mm)
F=250mm4.2X、 6.4X、 9.6XΦ47.5、Φ31、Φ21
F=3003.5X、 5.4X、 8XΦ57、Φ38、Φ25
F=4003X、 4X、 6XΦ76、Φ50、Φ34

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