Stereo Zoom Microscope with Boom Stand

Discription for Z6745 zoom stereo microscope

  1. Non-flash in focusing course, large depth of fields
  2. It is characterized by brand-new optical design, the best reproduction and true color image
  3. Total magnification extend to: 3.4X~270X
  4. Standard working distance 105mm, maximum extend to 177mm
  5. Diopter adjustment range ±5 diopter
  6. It has many optional stands and attachments

Details about Stereo Zoom Microscope with Boom Stand

        Z6745 Series zoom stereo microscope , fully coated optial system sharp and clear images with extremely good flatness and contrast.

It is characterized by brand-new optical design,  the best reprduction and true color image. With their large zoom rang and long-working distance.

These are ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, precision-oriented semi-conductor, industries.

EyepieceStandardAuxiliary objective 0.5XAuxiliary objective 1.5XAuxiliary objective 2X
Working distance 105mmWorking distance 177mmWorking distance 47mmWorking distance 26mm
Mag.Field of viewMag.Field of viewMag.Field of viewMag.Field of view
Total Mag.Standard setting:6.7X-45X,Option eyepiece and auxiliary objective extend to:3.35X-270X continuous zoom
EyepieceStandard setting:10X/22mm,Large field of view, wide angle, high eye point,   providing convenience for observers wearing glasses
Optional eyepiece10X/22mm,15X/16mm,20X/12mm,25X/9mm,30X/8mm
Obseration head45°inclined、360°rotated,interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm;bilateral diopter adjustment range±5
Compensation free binocular
Compensation free trinocular,split ratio 50%/50%、0/100%
ObjectiveStandard setting:0.67X-4.5X   continuous zoom,zoom ratio 6.7:1,make sure the image is in focus
Microscopic photographic settingCan be connected to microscope camera, SLR camera or   digital camera
Auxiliary objectiveOptional 0.3X,0.5X,0.7X,0.75X,1.5X,2X
Focus adjustment holderA1 Adjustable tightness of handwheel of focus bracket、Lifting range 50mm
BaseOptional for the other base
Light sourceOptional various fluorescent lamp、LED ring light

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