Stereo Zoom Microscope Binocular Magnification

Discription for YTL-8064 microscope:

  1. High-quality optical components coated with multiple layers, forged high-quality and reliable optical imaging
  2. Form a positive image with a flat image surface and good contrast in a large field of view, especially in the peripheral field of view, the image quality is brighter and clearer
  3. Use continuous zoom objective 0.8×~6.4×(8:1)
  4. Effective standard working distance reached 110mm, creating enough space for use.
  5. High eyepoint eyepiece, ergonomic structural design, best eye point height, no fatigue after long time use.
  6. With a variety of accessories, expand the application field.

Details about Stereo Zoom Microscope Binocular Magnification

YTL-8064 Series stereo microscope provide reliable optical system and excellent and durable operating mechanism. Complete accessories, flexible and diversified combination configuration. To meet the requirements of high precision in modern biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronic industry online detection and other scientific and technological industries.

​ModelYTL-8064YTL-8064T (Trinocualr)
Total magnification8X-64X(standard),Total magnification extend 320X
Zoom ratio8:1
Objective0.8X~6.4X continuous zoom objective
Working distance110mm
Binocular/Trinocular(T)Eyetube inclined 45°,main body 360°rotated
Diopter adjustment range±6diopter
Interpupillary distance adjustment range52mm~76mm
Focus adjustment holder holdφ76mm
Light sourceUp and down LED lamp
Center displacementLess than or equal to 0.05mm
Base size318mm×308mm×16mm
High of post326mm
Lifting rail stroke160mm
Post center dimensionΦ25mm

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