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Discription for ST60N

1. The new coating design, high quality optical systems, coated with a special layer of the optical member, is formed clear, bright and flat images in a large field of view.
2. Shift zoom lens 1X/3X, 2X/4X, 1X/2X
3. Standard magnification 20X/40X, and other optional auxiliary lens magnification eyepiece can be chosen, the magnification range:5X ~ 160X

4. Standard working distance:100mm, creating enough space for using

5. 10X wide field eyepiece field of view reaches 20mm, flat-field high eye point design, is fit to   search and observe.
6. Observe head 45 degrees inclined, adjustable binocular diopter, is easy and comfortable to       operate but not feel fatigue.
7. Ergonomic design,  zoom handwheel horizontal ( axial ) bilateral settings, High precision of     zoom repetition.

8. Best eye point height to ensure that different users can get a clear image.

Details about Stereo Microscope Price Wholesale

ST60N adopts a new optical system design to increase the clear imaging field of view range with better resolution and contrast.

It can effectively reduce fatigue and increase comfort and operational efficiency when you are operating.

With innovative video integration design , it is the operator’s eyes liberation , directly through the LCD screen on the workpiece detection, no longer need to close the eyepiece to observe


Standard configuration : 20X/40X optional eyepieces and auxiliary objective expandable 5X ~ 160X, vertical direct shift   zoom

Objective1X/20X, 10X/30X, 20X/40X


WF10X/20mm eyepieces with High eye-point and wide field of view
WF15X/15mm eyepieces with High eye-point and wide field of view
 WF20X/10mm eyepieces with High eye-point and wide field of view
Working distance With standard configuration:100mm
Viewing head Binocular viewing head: 45°inclined; 360°rotatable;
Interpupillary distance54mm-76mm
Dioptric adjusting range±5
Optional auxiliary lens0.5X/165mm, 1.5X/45mm, 2X/30mm
Optional accessoriesMobile platform
Focusing bracketAdjustable focusing hand wheel, lifting range 50mm
BaseStandard base


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