Stereo Microscope Manufacturers in China

Discription for fixed magnification microscope:

  • Two-stage optics, clear imaging
  • Long working distance, large depth of field and wide field of view
  • Accurate zoom positioning
  • Design of variable magnification system for inclined optical path
  • Vertical zoom, beautiful and integrated

Details about Stereo Microscope Manufacturers in China

YTJ series fixed magnification microscope according to the different of combination magnification, there are two types YTJ-4000 series and YTJ-5000(Trinocular). This microscope adopts a two-stage variable-angle tilt optical path zoom system, precise positioning, clear imaging, good depth of field and long working distance.

The combination of 3 magnifications meets the needs of different customers. Widely used in school teaching, material observation, mineral specimen research, precision parts assembly, industrial production line and detection of tiny objects.

YTJ-4000 SeriesYTL-5000 Series
Observation headBinocular headTrinocular head
Objective lens1X/2X,   1X/3X, 2X/4X
EyepieceWF10X   /φ20
Working distance1X/2X(110mm),   1X/3X(102mm),   2X/4X(90mm)
Field of view3.7mm~23mm
Interpupillary distance55mm~75mm
Stage diameterφ95mm(filter diameter:φ40mm)
Light sourceVoltage 100V-240V/12V 10W,Halogen lamp brightness adjustable
Stand baseYC4AYC7AYC4AYC7A


                                                                                   Accessories   optional
EyepieceWF5X   /φ22WF10X   /φ22WF15X   /φ16
WF20X   /φ12WF25X   /φ9SWF10X   /φ23(SWH)
Microscope cameraCCD SeriesCMOS Series

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