Professional Marine 8X40 American Type Prism Telescope

Details about Professional Marine 8X40 American Type Prism Telescope

YC-840I the high-definition telescope adopts a hanging prism design and a metal lens body, so that the product has a compact lens body, which is several times better than the seismic performance of conventional products. At the same time, it adopts the waterproof design of G standard, so that the product is suitable for all kinds of harsh field environments. 840I high-definition telescope is a professional high-quality American prism telescope, which adopts FMC high transmittance broadband film, bak4 prism and the design of pupil eyepiece. The imaging is clear and transparent, the imaging stereoscopic sense is very strong, the backlight performance is very good, and it is almost free from glare interference. The product adopts the design of wide-angle and large field of view, which has a wide field of vision, and the observation is a little suddenly bright, which makes people relaxed and happy.

1. Excellent optical performance, clear and bright imaging.

2. Long exit distance, convenient and comfortable to watch.

3. BAK4 prism is used, and the visual image is sharp and clear.

4. American hanging prism design, stable and reliable imaging.

5. All metal structure, solid and durable.

6. Earthquake resistance.

7. High quality rubber, comfortable feel and excellent workmanship.

Field of view visual angle7.8°
Out distance18.5mm
Out diameter5mm
The nearest focus5
Prism SystemPaul
CoatingFully plated broadband green film
Prism materialBAK4
Focus systemLeft and right independent adjustment
Eye mask typeRubber folding
Waterproof and fog proofYes
Tripod mountYes
Net weight782g
Size LxWxH180mmX60mmX140mm

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