Parallel Optics Zoom Stereo Microscope for Sale

  1. Option for variable binocular head, stepless adjustment of depression angle in the range of 0-30 °, eye point can be raised and lowered by 150mm
  2. Excellent parallel light path design, large depth of field, working distance 78mm
  3. Interpupillary distance48-75
  4. There are three zoom ratio models to choose from 1:6 ,1:8,1:10
  5. Be able to install beam splitter and C mount to make binocular into trinocular microscope

Details about Parallel Optics Zoom Stereo Microscope for Sale

ZOOM-TA series zoom stereo microscope adopt with parallel optical system. Non-flash in focus course while from high to low magnification, large depth of field, long working distance,can be attached various accessories.

It can satisfied with demands of checking-up and analysis in fields of modern biology, medicine, envirorment, farming, police, micro-electronics, semiconductors and atc

Accessories           Standard / Optional
Zoom range1X~6X0.8X~6.5X0.8X~8X
Zoom ratio1:61:81:10
Eye tubeUniversal or variable binocular head optional
Trinocular   settingOptional splitter and C mount
ZOOM-TA Series total   magnification and field of view
10X field of view 2215X field of view 1620X field of view 12.5
Total Mag.Field Dia(mm)Total Mag.Field Dia (mm)Total Mag.Field Dia (mm)

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