Multi person observation of biological microscope

The YC-510 multi person aberration teaching microscope can be used for multiple people to observe a unified specimen together. Wireless remote imaging systems, high brightness lighting systems, and excellent image observation capabilities are particularly suitable for clinical, scientific research, and teaching discussions. The space between observers is larger, making it more comfortable to use.

In order to make convenient intercourse between the observers, the microscope is equipped with LED cursor to indicate image in the viewing field, the cursor is arrow type with light  intersity adjustable button. The cursor can be mover freely, any position of the image can be indicated

Details about Multi person observation of biological microscope


Optical systemInfinite Optical System
Viewing HeadCompensation Free Trinocular Head

Inclined at 30° ( 50mm-70mm )

4-Binocular head,

Interpupillary distance: 50mm-75mm

2-Binocular head,

Interpupillary distance : 50mm-75mm

EyepiecePlan WF10X/22mm
Objectiveinfinity plan objective

4X0.10 、 10X/0.25、 40X/0.65、 100X/1.25 Oil

NosepieceQuadruple Nosepiece
StageDouble layers mechanical stage
stage size : 180mmx 160mm
Moving range: 80mmx 50mm
FocusingCoaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment,

fine focusing scale value 0.002mm

Light SourceKohler illumination with aperture iris diaphragm

and field iris diaphragm

Halogen Bulb 12V/100W,AC85V-230V
brightness adjustable
IndicatorLED cursor,brightness adjustable
Optional AcessoryEyepiece WF15X/17mm,WF20X/12.5mm

infinity plan objective 20X0.40,60X/0.85

infinity semi-plan objective 4X0.10 、 10X/0.25、 20X/0.40、 40X/0.65、 60X/0.85、 100X/1.25 Oil

Photography attachment and CCD C-mount:0.5X、0.57X、0.75X


WIFI CMOS Digital camera

HDMI CMOS Digital camera

CMOS Digital camera eyepiece

Image analysis software

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