Binocular Stereo Microscope For Sale

Stereo microscope  ZM645 discription:

1.  With high magnification and long working distance

2.  HD optical design, for the observer to minimize visual fatigue, make the image clearer

3.  High eye point eyepiece design, to bring the observer a wider space to observe

4.  Ergonomic design guarantees user convenience and comfort

5.  Long-term quality assurance of products-adopt “five-proof” design, dust-proof, oil-proof, waterproof pollution, mildew-proof, anti-static, can be customized according to different users’ use environment and conditions


Details about Binocular Stereo Microscope For Sale

(1) Economic design ensures that users are easy and comfortable to operate.

It is characteristic by high magnification and long working distance.

The new three “A” gives long-term guarantee for the quality of products.

a) Airtight: Dust, oil and water proof.

b) Anti-mold: It is guaranteed that the microscope is not mouldy under the high temperature and humidity environment.
c) Anti – electrostatic: Ensure that samples are not damaged.

(2) The diopter of the two eyepieces can be adjusted to adjust the dioptometry difference between the two eyes, so as to reduce the visual fatigue and make the image clearer.

The eyepieces are designed to provide a wide viewing space for the observer.

(3) The streamlined base of stand, φ140mm large working platform, makes the operation more convenient and easier.

The front-end of base is wide and the incline is smooth so that the observer make comfortably operate for arm.


Magnification(Standard)8X~50X,total magnification extend to 200X
Zoom range0.8X~5X
Zoom ratio1:6.3
Eye tubeBinocularTrinocular
Eyepiece inclined45°
Interpupillary adjustment range52mm~75mm
Working distance115mm
Diopter adjustment range±5
Video adapterNoYes
IlluminatorsUp and down LED light
Optional accessoriesEyepieceWF10X/22;   WF10/20;WF15X/16;WF20X/12.5
Auxiliary objective0.5X;   2X
Light system10W LED transmitted light; 220V/8W ring light; LED ring illuminator;   6V/20W halogen lamp
Base,holderTransmitted light base,reflected light base,No light source base,multiple universal supports
Microscope cameraFor details, please see the microscope camera category page


Auxiliary objectiveWorking distance
Field of view 22
Field of view 16
Field of view 12.5
Total Mag.FOV
Total Mag.FOV
Total Mag.FOV


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