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  1. Inverted biological microscope, Easy sample preparation,It has obvious advantages for research and analysis of large samples, high utilization rate of space above the stage, freedom is greater than upright microscope.
  2. Transparent stage, humanized can observe the conversion process of the selected objective lens, and can prevent the stage from being heated and deformed.
  3. The rack-less mechanical stage moves smoothly,with protection against excessive extreme movement of the protective stage, and effectively ensure the accuracy of movement.
  4. Rotating concentrator system,non-stained cells can be observed in high culture dishes or cylindrical flasks.
  5. Equipped with three different specifications of Petri dishes
  6. Integrated lighting system allows spatial adjustment of light sources, and good heat dissipation,effective control of surface temperature, safer operation. Light bulb installation and removal convenient design.
  7. Equipped with high-quality phase contrast flat field objective and phase contrast condenser,Optional pull-out or plug-in

Details about Inverted Biological Microscope China Factory

YDS-3 Inverted biological microscope is equipped excellent UIS optical system including long working distance plan achromatic objectives and wide field plan eyepieces. Compact and steady main frame body is embodiment for the shock resistance.

The enable turning out or into condenser system is suited for observation in a high culture dish. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted in this unit and have easier operation and wider space.

This is ideal optical instrument for micro observation in cell tissue and transmitted liquid tissue, even in dynamic observation in the culture dish tissue. It can be used in scientific research, universities, medical treatment, epidemic prevention, agriculture and etc.

EyepieceWide field WF10X(field number:Φ22mm)
Centering telescope
Infinity and long working distance plan achromatic objectiveTypeMag.N/AWorking distance mmGlass thickness mm
Phase Contrast   Objective10X0.254.31.2
Eyepiece tube45°Inclined,interpupillary distance:53~75mm.
Focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm
NosepieceQuintuple nosepiece


Fixed stage overall size:227mmX208mm Glass rotundity stage overall size:Ф118mm
Mechanical moving device, moving range: 77mm(longitudinal)X114mm(Transverse)
Culture dish   holder 186mm(W)X129.5mm(L),optional with a circular culture dish Ф90mm
Culture dish   holder 234mm(W)X77.5mm(L),optional with a circular culture dish Ф68.5mm
Culture dish   holder 357mm(W)X82mm(L)optional with a circular culture dish Φ60mm
Culture dish   holder 429mm(W)×77.5mm(L)optional with a circular culture dish Φ35mm
Condenser systemLong working distance condenser, working distance:55mm, and with turnplate phase contrast unit
Illumination   system6V30W halogen lamp,brightness adjustable
FilterFrosted glass and blue, green filter

Optional Accessories

NameSort/Technique parameter
EyepieceDividing eyepiece(field number:¦µ22mm)  0.10mm/Div
Phase Contrast ObjectivePL L20X/0.40 PHP2 Work distance:8.0 mm
PL L40X/0.60 PHP2 Work distance:3.5 mm
NosepieceHexad nosepiece
CCD Adapter0.5X
CameraDV-1 Video output£¨380/520 TV line£© USB output   £¨0.42 M pixel£©
DV-2 With USB output £¨1.3M,2.0M,3.0M pixel£©
DV-3 With video output£¨380/520 TV line£©
Digital camera adapterCANON(A570,A610,A620,A630,A640,A650,EF)  NIKON( F)

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