Inspection Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

Details about Inspection Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

Product Description

◆ Large-scale zoom ratio 12:1,adopted with infinite farness optical systems design .
◆ Various CCD adapters, magnification objectives, coaxial illumination, ring illumination are available for optional
◆ Includes MZDH0670, MZDH0670C, MZDH0670-D,MZDH0670C-D, MZDH0670C-PL, MZDH0670-AZ
◆ Especially used in electric equipments, LCD, LED and etc. for digital image observation, inspection and measurement.

Detailed Images

Zoom range0.58X~7.0X
Zoom ratio12:1
WD82mm( 1X Objective)
IlluminationAdjustable high brightness , long life LED coaxial   illumination; LED ring illumination
Main body and Holder matching dimensionΦ45mm
MountStandard CS-mount (distance between the bearing surface   and the CCD plane is 12.5mm)

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