Fixed Magnification Stereo Zoom Microscope

  1. Two-stage optics, clear imaging
  2. Long working distance, large depth of field and wide field of view
  3. Accurate zoom positioning
  4. Design of variable magnification system for inclined optical path
  5. Vertical zoom, beautiful and integrated

Details about Fixed Magnification Stereo Zoom Microscope

YTJ series fixed magnification microscope according to the different of combination magnification, there are two types YTJ-4000 series and YTJ-5000(Trinocular). This microscope adopts a two-stage variable-angle tilt optical path zoom system, precise positioning, clear imaging, good depth of field and long working distance.

The combination of 3 magnifications meets the needs of different customers. Widely used in school teaching, material observation, mineral specimen research, precision parts assembly, industrial production line and detection of tiny objects.

YTJ-4000 SeriesYTL-5000 Series
Observation headBinocular headTrinocular head
Objective lens1X/2X,   1X/3X, 2X/4X
EyepieceWF10X   /φ20
Working distance1X/2X(110mm),   1X/3X(102mm),   2X/4X(90mm)
Field of view3.7mm~23mm
Interpupillary distance55mm~75mm
Stage diameterφ95mm(filter diameter:φ40mm)
Light sourceVoltage 100V-240V/12V 10W,Halogen lamp brightness adjustable
Stand baseYC4AYC7AYC4AYC7A
                                                                                   Accessories   optional
EyepieceWF5X   /φ22WF10X   /φ22WF15X   /φ16
WF20X   /φ12WF25X   /φ9SWF10X   /φ23(SWH)
Microscope cameraCCD SeriesCMOS Series

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