Erect Image Portable Zoom Microscope

Feature for portable zoom microscope

  1. It is smaller compared to standard microscope or other small microscope
  2. This product used to observe objective pattern, such as surface structure, fine scratch and fine texture.
  3. There are two models, and respectively equipped with monochromatic lamp and tricolor light
  4. User can choose model of suited light source to observation object

Details about Erect Image Portable Zoom Microscope

M20503 erect image portable zooming microscope is a professional portable microscope, and is independently developed by our company. It is not only small volume but also fully function. It has the same function with standard microscope, such as vision regulation, magnification regulation, field regulation and adjustment intensity of light.

It’s worth mentioning that M20503 have built-in rechargeable battery and external power to be using in various working environment.

Product specification:

Magnification: 20X-50X (zoom)

Working distance: 48.7-33mm

Field of view: 4.2-10φ.mm

Numerical Aperture(NA): =0.25

Diopter adjustment range: ±2

Light source: White, 450 blue, 365UV

Light intensity: 5 levels

Power: 1. Built-in lithium battery 180mAh, Continuous working time 4.5hrs

2. External charging power line

MagnificationWorking distance(mm)Field of view (φ.mm)

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