China Stereo Zoom Microscope For Sale

Stereo microscope ZM0745 discription:

  1. Clear imaging, parfocal
  2. Excellent optical design, good resolution and true color image
  3. Scalable total magnification: 3.5X~270X
  4. Cost effective
  5. Maximum working distance extend to 165mm
  6. Double LED light, independent switch brightness adjustable
  7. More than a dozen bases and accessories available option

Details about China Stereo Zoom Microscope For Sale

ZM0745 zoom stereo microscope adopts streamline integrated mechanical design, Easy operation, long working distance,clear resolved image, enclosure integrated.

The microscope is used extensively world medical research and health care,  biology and botany research, and agricuture,  as well as in electroniccomponent manufacturing.

Specially suited for LED, PCB inspecition, pressing plating and electronic component inspection.

EyepieceStandardAuxiliary lens 0.5XAuxiliary lens 1.5XAuxiliary lens 2X
Working   distance 100mmWorking   distance 165mmWorking   distance 45mmWorking   distance 30mm
Mag.Field rangeMag.Field rangeMag.Field rangeMag.Field range
MaganificationStandard:7X-45X,Optional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives can be expanded to 3.5X-270X,Zoom
EyepieceStandard:10X/20mm,Wide field、PHW field eyepiece、Convenience for eyewear observers
Optional eyepiece10X/20mm,15X/15mm,20X/10mm,25X/9mm,30X/8mm
Head45°Inclined、360°Rotated,Interpupillary distance 54-76mm;Bilateral   dioptric adjustment (±5)
Binocular head
Trinocular head, Split ratio 50%/50%,20%/80%
Objective0.7X-4.5X Zoom、Objective zoom ratio 6.4:1
Auxiliary objectiveOptional 0.3X,0.5X,0.7X,0.75X,1.5X,2X
CameraDigital camera and SLR can be installed
Focus holderA1 focus holder hand wheel elasticity adjustable、Lifting range 50mm
BaseOptional other base
IlluminationDouble LEDlamp,Independent switch brightness adjustable

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