China Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

  1. Large mechanical stage with stain resistant finish
  2. Adjustable interpupillary distance : 53~75mm
  3. Inverted metallurgical microscope equipped with bright and dark field objectives

Details about China Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

JL-20BD Inverted metallurgical microscope is equipped excellent UIS optical system and modularization function design so that update system  expediently and achieved polarization, dark field observation.

Compact and steady main frame body is embodiment for the shock resistance. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted in this unit and has easier operation and wider space.

This is ideal optical instrument for micro observation in metallographic structure and surfacce morphology. It is suitable for research in metallography, mineralogy, precidion engineering,etc.

Technical   specifications
EyepieceWide field WF10X (field number Φ22mm)
Infinity plan   achromatic objectiveJL-20

(Equipped with   bright field objectives)

PL L10X/0.25  working distance:20.2 mm
PL L20X/0.40  working distance:8.80 mm
PL L50X/0.70  working distance:3.68 mm
PL L100X/0.85(Dry)working distance:0.40 mm

(Equipped with   bright & dark field objectives)

PL L5X/0.12  BD  working distance:9.70 mm
PL L10X/0.25 BD  working distance:9.30 mm
PL L20X/0.40 BD working distance:7.23mm
PL L50X/0.70 BD  working distance:2.50 mm
Eyepiece tube45˚Inclination, interpupillary distance is  53~75mm
Focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
NosepieceQuintuple(Backward ball bearing inner locating)
StageMechanical stage,size:242mmX200mm,moving range: 30mmX30mm
Rotundity and rotatable stage size:maximal measurement:Ф130mm,minimal clear aperture is less then Ф12mm
Illumination   systemJL-206V30W halogen lamp,brightness adjustable
JL-20BD12V50W halogen lamp,brightness adjustable
Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and system polarizer
Equipped with frosted glass and yellow, green and blue filters
Optional   AccessoryEyepieceDividing   eyepiece 10X(Φ22mm)
ObjectiveJL-205X、40X、60X、80X、100X(Oil)  Bright   field objective
JL-20BD40X、60X、80X、100X Bright &   dark field objective
CCD adapter0.5X、1X
CameraUSB output:130/200/300MP/Mpixell

VIDEO output:380/520 TV   line

Digital camera adapterCANON(EF)  NIKON( F)

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