Cheap Parallel Optics Stereo Microscope

1. Two parallel beam paths and high quality optic system offer you high resolution and distortion-free contrast image throughout the entire zoom range.
2. Zoom ratio is 8:1.
3. YCM also use modular design.


Details about Cheap Parallel Optics Stereo Microscope

  • Full focus course while magnification from low to high
  • Excellence parallel optic system, the microscope system adopts modular design
  • Total magnification extend to: 1.9X-400X
  • Large depth of field, PHW FIELD eyepieces
  • Optional 40X eyepiece and 0.32X auxiliary lens
  • Working distance 80mm, extend to 296mm
  • Diopter adjustment range ±5, can meet the needs of different users
  • YCM30 can connect CCD (CMOS) camera, digital camera, film camera
  • Optional for various base and universal stand, LED ring light、ring fluorescent lamp、optic fiber、auxiliary objective lens etc
Eye tubesBinocular headTrinocular head
Magnification6.2X~50X,total magnification extend to 1.9X~400X
Focus adjustment range0.62X~5X
Zoom ratio1:8
ObjectivePlan achromatic 1X Objective: PLAN 1.0X
Optics systemParallel Optics
Interpupillary distance adjustment range55mm-75mm
Diopter adjustment range±5
Working distance80mm(Reachable by attachment:26-296mm)
Field of view rangeØ33.9-Ø4.2mm(Reachable   by attachment:Ø106-Ø0.6mm)
IlluminatorOption for LED, ring light,halogen lamp,up and down illumination
EyepieceWFH10X-D/21WFH16X/14WFH20X/11WFH25X/9WFH40X/6Working distance


ObjectiveTotal Mag.Field of viewTotal Mag.Field of viewTotal Mag.Field of viewTotal Mag.Field of viewTotal Mag.Field of view


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