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Feature of TS112 Zoom Stereo Microscope:

(1) Unique optical design,extra long working distance, large depth of fields.

(2) High eye-position and extra wide-eyepieces.

(3) Horizontal axial drive control knobs, easy to operation.

(4) Extensively used in mineral specimen researching, precision components assembling, industry product line and weeny objects inspection.

Details about Cheap Fixed Zoom Stereo Microscope Manufacturer

TS series two-stage variable magnification stereo microscope according to the combination magnification, there are three models of TS112, TS113 and TS124. The product adopts two-stage zoom optical design, accurate positioning, with good depth of field and long working distance.

The combination of 3 magnifications meets the needs of different customers. Widely used in school teaching, material observation, mineral specimen research, precision parts assembly, industrial production line and detection of tiny objects.

Technical specifications:

Zoom methodHorizontal   handwheel zoom
EyepieceSWH10X PHW field eyepiece,field of view Φ23mm
EyetubeInclined 45°
Working distance105mm
Focus adjustment range50mm(square post dimension 100mm)
Interpupillary distance adjustment range52mm~76mm
Diopter adjustment range±6 Diopter
Support and body   matched dimensionΦ76mm
Post’center to   Support’center dimension140mm
Round post diameterΦ25mm
Center stage diameterΦ95mm
Light sourceCan be equipped with fluorescent lighting(5W),halogen lamp reflection lighting(6V、10W adjustable)
Optional LED Up light(3W,adjustable),LED down light(3W,adjustable)

Technical parameters

ModelObjectiveDifferent   eyepiece specification
Total Mag.FOV
Total Mag.FOV
Total Mag.FOV
Total Mag.FOV

Optional attachments

  • Stands: SD1~SD18
  • Universal stands: U1,U2,U3, U1c, U2c, U3c
  • Eyepiece: SWH10X, WF15X, WF20X, WF30X
  • Division eyepieces: SWHD10X、WFD15X、WFD20X
  • Auxiliary illuminatiors: ML01、MLR60、LGY-150R
  • Dark field attachment and Gem clamp: DC01,CJ01
  • Machanical stage: S7650, S10086

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