Biological Microscope With Digital Camera


  • Equipped with achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces, providing clear and bright viewing.
  • Monocular with inclined 45°, ratates 360°, operating easily.
  • Illumination with 110/220V 15W ordinary lamp.
  • Selectable focus systems: coarse focus system, separate coarse/fine focus system and coaxial coarse and fine focus system.
  • Other differences of the models are nosepiece, number of objectives, type of stage and condenser, See the table of accessories and specifications

Details about Biological Microscope With Digital Camera

The microscopes are the conveniently operated optical instruments with excellent functions and new pattern. They are very suitable for usage in medical test, teaching and microoberservation in hospitals and shools.

Components                                                                              Model

& Specifiation

EyepiecesWide fieldWF10X (¢18mm)
WF16X (¢11mm)
40X/0.65 (Spring)
100X/1.25 (Oil, spring)
Monocular headInclined 45°,rotates360°
StageFixed size: 120mm x 120mm
Fixed with affachable mechanical, size: 120mm x 120mm moving range ≥68mm x 28mm
Mechanical size: 135mm x 125mm moving range ≥68mm x 28mm
Focus systemSeparate coarse / fone focus
Coaxial coarse / fine focus
CondenserSingle lens with disc diaphragm or iris diaphragm
Abbe condenser NA=1.25, spiral adjustment
Abbe condenser NA=1.25, rack & pinion adjustment
Light sourceIllumination with 110/220V 15W ordinary lamp
Plane – concave reflecting mirror with stand

Note: “√” in the table is standard attachments and is “○” optional accessories.

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