Binoculars Remote Outdoor Telescope 8×30

Type 62 telescope is a highly sealed and high-performance telescope successfully developed according to the requirements of all-weather use. It can be used in various harsh environmental conditions and has an extremely small volume. Therefore, it is widely used in security, transportation, ocean going, forestry, aviation, electric power, exploration, hunting and many other fields. Type 62 telescope is also a classic work of domestic standard telescopes, which can be called the “entry mirror” of telescope collectors.


Performance characteristics and specifications:

1. With comprehensive coating and sharp imaging, the 62 telescope is significantly superior to similar telescopes at home and abroad in terms of observation brightness, image quality and authenticity of object image color.

2. It has the excellent performance of wide vision, large exit pupil diameter and long exit pupil distance. The 62 telescope can also observe the target clearly and comfortably in the low illumination environment such as dusk and dawn and wearing gas masks (or glasses).

3. The prism room is protected by the drying chamber, and the professional waterproof eyepiece has high sealing performance. The type 62 telescope can well meet the needs of all-weather operations.

4. The operating temperature range is -43 ℃ ~55 ℃, and the 62 telescope can well meet the needs of different geographical locations.

5. Type 62 telescope adopts all metal structure, which is solid and durable; Cadmium sulfide armor, shock absorption and anti-skid design, with strong ability to withstand bumps and vibrations, can withstand the impact of more than 20 gravitational accelerations, and is fully adapted to the field environment.

6. The type 62 telescope has divisions in it, which can roughly measure the distance and orientation of the target.

Product specifications 8×30
CoatingAntireflective blue film
Objective diameter(mm)30
Field of view435ft/1000yds 145M/1000m
Eye distance adjustment range 56~74
Weight (net / gross kg)0.68/1.1
Operating temperature (° C)-43—+55
Size (mm)150×55×128

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