Stereo Zoom Microscope High Magnification

Stereo microscope ZPS0850discription:

1. With maximum zoom ratio 9.2:1, non-flash in focus course while from low to high magnification

2. Excellent parallel optical path system for best resolution and true color images

3.  Can be extended to maximum magnification: 4X-225X

4.  Large depth of field, with high eye point and super wide field eyepiece, working distance 91mm, maximum working distance extend to 186mm

5.  Diopter adjustment range ±6, can meet the needs of different users

6. ZPS0850T series can connected with CCD (CMOS)camera,digital camera,film camera

7. Can be set with various bases and universal stands, LED ring light、Ring fluorescent lamp, optical fiber, auxiliary lens etc, variety of accessories

Details about Stereo Zoom Microscope High Magnification

ZPS0850 series parallel optics continuous zoom stereo microscope, adopt advanced parallel optical path system design, building block structure, access photography, image etc, functions accessories in the light path, Can also be connected to a digital camera, convenience for take picture. Using advanced parallel optical path imaging technology, improve field of view sharpness, strong stereo sense, non-flash full zoom from high to low magnification, large depth of field, long working distance. Up and down light source suitable for different observation objects. Meet the needs of modern public security, professional colleges, metal trace inspection, laboratory research.

Technical specifications:

Total magnificationParallel light path system, 0.8X~5X,continuous zoom magnification
Total magnificationStandard total magnification 8X~50X,Extend total magnification 225X
Eye tubesInclined 35°
Working distance91mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment range52mm~76mm
Diopter adjustment range±6 diopter
The range of adjusting the focus50mm(Round post holder 100mm)
Base size283X292X28mm
CCD adapter0.5X, adjust
Photo adapter3.5X
Illuminatorupper light source(3W,adjust),LED lower light     source(3W,adjustable)

Technical parameters

EyepieceItemAuxiliary   objective
10XTotal Mag.4X~25X5.6X~35X8X~50X12X~75X
Field Dia(mm)Φ55~Φ8.8Φ39.3~Φ6.3Φ27.5~Φ4.4Φ18.33~Φ2.93
15XTotal Mag.6X~37.5X8.4X~52.5X12X~75X18X~112.5X
Field Dia(mm)Φ42.5~Φ6.8Φ30.36~Φ4.86Φ21.25~Φ3.4Φ14.17~Φ2.27
20XTotal Mag.8X~50X11.2X~70X16X~100X24X~150X
Field Dia(mm)Φ35~Φ5.6Φ25~Φ4Φ17.5~Φ2.8Φ11.67~Φ1.87
30XTotal Mag.12X~75X16.8X~105X24X~150X36X~225X
Field Dia(mm)Φ22.5~Φ3.6Φ16.1~Φ2.57Φ11.25~Φ1.8Φ7.5~Φ1.2
Working distance(mm)1861359140


  1. When use under 0.5X auxiliary lens, cannot use square column base
  2. Please use 1X plane objective & 1.5X auxiliary objective together when using 1.5X.

Optional attachments

  • Stands: SD1~SD18
  • Universal stands: U1,U2,U3, U1c, U2c, U3c
  • Eyepiece: SWH10X, WF15X, WF20X, WF30X
  • Division eyepieces: SWHD10X、WFD15X、WFD20X
  • Supplemental lens: 0.5X、0.7X、1.5X、2X
  • Auxiliary illuminatiors: ML01、MLR60、LGY-150R
  • Photo adapter: PT01
  • Digital adapter: DT01
  • 0.5XCCD adapter: C0.5
  • 1.0XCCD adapter: C1.0
  • 1X micrometer CCD adapter: CDM1.0
  • Dark field attachment and Gem clamp: DC01、CJ01
  • Mechanical stages: S7650、S210210

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