Best Stereo Microscope Electronics Repiare

Horizontal shift mechanism makes the operation more convenient and the ring light won’t be affected during the shifting;

WF10X/23mm eyepieces make the observation more comfortable and efficient;

110mm standard working distance can meet the vast majority of applications between observation and operation requirements;

45°inclined viewing head with both right and left eyepiece tubes diopter adjustable makes the operation more convenient and comfortable with tireless after long time using.

Details about Best Stereo Microscope Electronics Repiare

Electronics repaire microscope pecification:




Objective 1XObjective 2XObjective 3XObjective 4X
Working distance 110mm
Mag.Field of viewMag.Field of viewMag.Field of viewMag.Field of view
MagnificationStandard magnification 20X/40X,Optional other magnification eyepiece and objective lens,total magnification extend to 10X.120X fixed zoom
EyepieceStandard setting:10X/23mm,Large field of  view, wide angle, high eye point, providing convenience for observers wearing glasses
Optional   eyepiece10X/23mm,15X/16mm,20X/12mm,25X/9mm,30X/8mm
Observation   head45° Inclined,360° rotated,Interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm;Bilateral diopter adjustment ±5
Compensation free binocular head
ObjectiveShifting zoom objective lens combination 2X/4X、1X/2X、1X/3X
Focus   adjustment holderA1 Adjustable tightness of handwheel of focus bracket、Lifting range 50mm
BaseOptional for other bases, more details please contact us
Light sourceOptional various fluorescent lamp、LED ring light

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