8×30 Low Light Night Vision Binocular Telescope

Details about 8×30 Low Light Night Vision Binocular Telescope

YCM-830C telescope is highly sealed, and the highly sealed telescope with ranging reticle is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. Resolution less than 7 “. Full antireflection blue film FMC, clear and bright. Shockproof, waterproof, mildew proof fog, filled with high-purity nitrogen. The prism is finely processed to present a perfect scene. Pupil growth, large eyepiece, comfortable to watch. Small and exquisite, easy to carry. Dark green bold appearance. Binocular independent focusing. 2 meters near the focal point. With comprehensive and precise multi-layer coating, it has high transmittance and sharp imaging, which makes the observation brightness, image quality and the authenticity of object image color significantly better than similar telescopes at home and abroad. It has the excellent performance of wide vision, large exit pupil diameter and long pupil distance.

It can also observe the target clearly and comfortably in low illumination environments such as dusk and dawn and wearing gas masks (or glasses). The interior can withstand 35 kPa overpressure and can be submerged 1.5m deep. It can well meet all-weather needs. The working temperature range is – 43 ℃ ~55 ℃, which can well meet the environmental needs of different geographical locations. Adopt all metal structure, firm and durable; Rubber armor, shock absorption and anti-skid design, with strong ability to withstand bumps and vibrations, can withstand the impact of more than 20 gravitational accelerations, and is fully adapted to the field environment. With advanced curve division, it can directly roughly measure the distance and orientation of the target. It adopts component design and has good general maintenance performance.

Be under attack20g
High / low temperature (℃)+55/-43
Magnification (Times)8
Objective diameter (mm)30
Field of view7.5° 423FT/1000YDS
Prism materialBAK4
Out diameter (mm)3.75
Out distance(mm)17
Relative brightness18.4
Nearest observation distance (m)2
Size (length, width and height /mm)175×60×115
Weight (net / gross kg)0.6/1.1

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