6X Magnification Measuring Magnifier Supplier

  1. It is an extra large field with extremely flat imaging over the entire working area.
  2. Precision focus using instrument-grade spiral twist mechanism, which is similar to style found on expensive binocular.
  3. It is use high intensity light, long life of UV, blue light and white LED light
  4. Fully coated optical glass system and includesreticle

Details about 6X Magnification Measuring Magnifier Supplier

ML63 is suitable for public security departments, procuratorial work, law court, banks, industrial and commercial circles, tax authority, postal service departments to check to the fingerprint, words, logo, seal, stripe streak, coin, stamps etc.

It is also a ideal tool in microelectronic industry, light spinning, printing & dyeing, composing & printing, fine processing

Basic Specification

Scale reticle
Working distance37mm
Field of view40mm
Eye lens diameter42mm
Focus adjustment
Illuminationhigh brightness LED bulbs (White, Blue, UV)
PowerCR2-3V (one piece),  over 150hours
Lens systems2 lens with 4 achromatic lenses
Overall height87mm
Overall diameter83mm


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