10X50 Binocular Telescope Observer Long Distance

Details about 10X50 Binocular Telescope Observer Long Distance

Type 98 binocular telescope is a binocular observer, which is used to observe, search and monitor long-distance objects and targets in the daytime, and can roughly measure the direction angle, height angle and distance of the targets by using the dividing board in the mirror The 98 type telescope fully meets the requirements of the American military standard (mil-std-810) and can be used all day. It adopts a comprehensive and precise multi-layer coating, with a transmittance of 82.3%, and a clear image, which makes the 98 type telescope significantly better than similar telescopes at home and abroad in terms of observing brightness, image quality and the authenticity of object color. It has the excellent performance of wide field of vision, large exit pupil diameter and long exit pupil distance

The 98 telescope can also observe the target clearly and comfortably in low illumination environments such as dusk and dawn and wearing gas masks (or glasses). It is protected by high-purity nitrogen, professional waterproof, high sealing performance, and can withstand 35kpa overpressure internally, and can be immersed in water 1.5 m deep And it can well meet the needs of all-weather operations The operating temperature range is – 43 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, and the 98 telescope can well meet the needs of different geographical locations It adopts all metal structure, which is firm and durable; Rubber armor, shock absorption and anti-skid design, with strong ability to withstand bumps and vibrations, can withstand the impact of more than 20 gravitational accelerations, and is fully adapted to the field environment The product is equipped with advanced curve division, which can directly roughly measure the distance and orientation of the target. The modular design makes it have good general maintenance performance

Pupil diameterφ50 ㎜
Exit pupil diameter Φ5.2 ㎜
Exit pupil distance20 ㎜
Visual field6.1°(107m/1000m)
Minimum Focus Distance 12.5m
Relative brightness 27
Dusk index22.8
Prism categoryPaul
Lens groups4 groups of 7 pieces
Focus systemSplit mode
Focusing lensEyepiece
Left and right visibility adjustment range >-5~+5SD
Eye distance adjustment range56~74 ㎜
Eye mask typeFlip down
Body materialMagnesium alloy
Waterproof structure1.5m water depth 30min
Nitrogen fillingYes
Single net weight / gross weight (kg) 1.6/2.6
Working temperature-43℃~+55℃

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