10X42 Binocular Straight Telescope WaterProof

Details about 10X42 Binocular Straight Telescope WaterProof

Ycm-1042 export type straight telescope is a lightweight telescope with a ridge prism, which is more difficult to manufacture and has a clear and sharp image. It is a lightweight standing equipment. Bak4 optical glass prism, large eyepiece, eyepiece, objective lens are broadband green film, binocular independent focusing, large field of vision; The ranging dividing board is filled with high-purity nitrogen, which is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof.

10X42 specification, larger caliber, 42mm caliber, large field of vision, and the multiple is also 3 times larger than M24 7×28 The all metal mirror body ensures the durability of the telescope. The metal outer layer is fully covered with glue, which also cushions the impact of various collisions on the lens and optical axis when the telescope is used in a complex environment, and improves the grip comfort during use

Security telescope is a basic survival tool for users because of its small size, light weight, good resistance and portability. This kind of telescope can be placed in their pockets, and the telescopes equipped by individual soldiers are all telescopes of this ridge prism structure. The telescope is very small and suitable for carrying in most pockets. It is light and can be carried with you wherever you go The 10X42 telescope is completely waterproof. After five tests and high and low temperature tests, its performance meets the requirements, and can meet the use of harsh conditions in the field. Its personal focus is fast, ensuring the rapid processing of various long-distance observations. This telescope has stable performance, large exit pupil diameter, high magnification, large field of vision, compact and easy to carry.

Pupil diameterΦ42 ㎜
Exit pupil diameter Φ4 ㎜
Exit pupil distance14 ㎜
Visual field≥5.75°
Minimum Focus Distance 8m
Relative brightness 16
Dusk index20
Transmittance>83% (side with reticle)


Lens groups5 groups of 6 pieces
Focus systemSplit mode
Focusing lensEyepiece
Left and right visibility adjustment range >-5~+5SD
Eye distance adjustment range56~74 ㎜
Eye mask typeFlip down
Body materialAluminum alloy
Waterproof structure1m water depth 60min
Nitrogen fillingYes

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