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             Guangxi Wuzhou Yucon Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional experience in microscopes development, manufacturing and sales. Technological innovation and quality first is our core value. We focus on delivering excellent optical quality and perfect operating performance to all domestic and international customers. Products mainly including Forensic microscopes, Stereo microscopes, Biological microscopes, Metallographic microscopes, Fluorescent microscopes, Microscope camera, Portable microscopes etc,. Our team was founded in 1990 and founded the YUCON brand in 2000. We have 20 years of innovative research, development, sales service experience. We are committed to producing and developing high-quality Microscope products, and providing quality after-sales service.

            Yucon Instrument products are mainly used in the fields of trace inspection, biological inspection, trace search, industrial inspection, microelectronics, optical applications, finishing and related laboratory project research and development. And the products are exported all over the world, like Europe, America, Mid- East and Southeast Asia markets etc.


           The optical microscope is an ancient and young scientific tool. From its birth to the present, it has a history of 300 years. The optical microscope has a wide range of uses, such as in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. in some scientific research work they are inseparable from the microscope.

           In biology, the laboratory is inseparable from this experimental instrument, which can help learners to study the unknown world; to understand the world. Hospitals are the largest application place for microscopes. They are mainly used to check patient fluid changes, bacteria invading the human body, changes in cell tissue structure, etc., to provide doctors with reference basis and verification methods for formulating treatment plans. 

          In genetic engineering, microscopy In surgery, the microscope is an essential tool for doctors; In agriculture, the work of breeding, pest control, etc. cannot be separated from the help of the microscope; in industrial production, the processing and testing of fine parts, assembly adjustment, and material performance research are the places where microscopes can show their talents; Criminal investigators often rely on microscopes to analyze various microscopic crimes as an important means to determine the true culprit; environmental protection agencies also help microscopes when detecting various solid pollutants; geological and mining engineers and cultural relics archaeologists find clues with the help of microscopes Can judge the deep underground mineral deposits or infer the dust-covered historical truth; even people’s daily life cannot be separated from the microscope, such as the beauty salon industry, the microscope can be used to detect skin, hair, etc., when the best can be obtained effect. It can be seen how closely the microscope is integrated with people’s production and life.

          According to different application purposes, microscopes can be roughly classified. There are four common types: biological microscopes, metallographic microscopes, stereo microscopes, and polarized light microscopes.

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